Michelle Kearney

Michelle Kearney

What college/university do you attend?
Loyola Marymount University

What is your major?
Environmental Science and Civil Engineering

Who is your agency employer?
Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission

What do you like best about working as a student assistant?
As a student assistant with the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, I value the professional work environment and relationships I have encountered during this experience. In addition, I am able to focus on my graduate schoolwork, and assist the staff with coordinating research projects, review and track project progress and products, and conduct site visits. This opportunity has given me an inside look into my career field, and I am thankful for all the experience I am gaining for the Commission.

How has the Career Pathway program helped you in your educational/career goals?
The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission has been an inspiring place to contribute my efforts towards a meaningful career in environmental protection. The Career Pathway program has helped me in my career goals because I am able to work as a professional during the work week as a student assistant, while taking graduate school classes at night. The flexibility offered by this program has allowed me to integrate my school and career goal efforts into a manageable work schedule.