Samuel Ritualo, Jr.

Samuel Ritualo, Jr.

What college/university do you attend?
Sacramento State University

What is your major?

Who is your agency employer?
State Water Boards - EPA

What do you like best about working as a student assistant?
As a student assistant I am able to achieve hands on training towards areas that have potential future career paths. The work environment speaks for itself, fellow co-workers help you with problems, tasks, and projects that may seem difficult at first. And being a full-time student is made easier with provided flexibility in work hours.

How has the Career Pathway program helped you in your educational/career goals?
Career Pathway program has provided the ultimate tool that will benefit me in the long-run, which is networking. With this tool I am able to obtain references that will help me in my future career. Another way one may benefit from working through Career Pathway program is by achieving helpful information about classes from superiors or fellow co-workers.