Tyler Johnstone

Tyler Johnstone

What college/university do you attend?
CSU Sacramento

What is your major?
Teaching Credential

Who is your agency employer?
Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

What do you like best about working as a student assistant?
Certainly the respect and satisfaction I receive in my work. Working in a small department, I am tasked with projects and responsibilities, far beyond my pay grade and when I succeed in these challenges the satisfaction and recognition are receive are enormous. I truly believe that my work is important and that I am an integral part of the staff at the Chancellor's Office. With opportunities for success, I am building a network of support and skills that will be extremely useful in future employment.

How has the Career Pathway program helped you in your educational/career goals?
As someone interested in education policy, I have been extremely fortunate to work for the Chancellor's Office in pursuing that goal. The experience gained from working within the policy environment has opened my eyes to the “real” way that policy is made. Coming from an academic background, I am able to take the skills that I am learning in the classroom and match these lessons with real-world projects. Similarly, I am frequently exposed to the way that academic perspective differs from the true policy realm. The combination of these experiences will make me a much strong candidate for future employment.