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Enhancing student support services statewide.

Our Equity programs provide quality resources, educational and training programs for Community Colleges and the students that they serve. We are committed to enhancing existing services that assist students in pursuing their academic goals, launching career paths, supporting wellness, or shaping roles as active citizens in local communities.

Our mission is to benefit, support, and serve students to be successful in pursuing academic goals and launching careers through the California Community College system. The Equity team seeks to understand and support the current and future needs of community colleges, students, and community members. We cultivate permanent relationships with community colleges, students, and partner organizations in order to develop and support programs that increase opportunities for Community College students and their surrounding communities.


California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program (CCC SMHP) 

Implemented in 2011, the CCC SMHP is a statewide effort focusing on prevention and early intervention strategies which address the mental health needs of California community college students and advance the collaboration between community colleges and community based agencies, in particular, county mental health. The CCC SMHP is a partnership between the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the Foundation for California Community Colleges. CCC SMHP is funded by the voter-approved Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63). It is one of several Prevention and Early Intervention Initiatives implemented by the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), an organization of California counties working to improve mental health outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

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Each Mind Matters: Each Student Succeeds (EMM:ESS)

In June 2015, the Foundation was awarded 1.4 million dollars from California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) to implement the Each Mind Matters: Each Student Succeeds (EMM:ESS) program in partnership with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. EMM: ESS expands on and enhances the efforts of the California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program. The EMM: ESS is based on the three strategic directions targeting faculty, staff and students in all 113 California Community Colleges (CCC). These strategies are: 1) broadly market and disseminate EMM resources and tools; 2) provide training and technical assistance to increase local adoption and promotion of existing and customized EMM tools and resources; and 3) leverage existing regional networks to increase college and partner engagement in EMM:ESS. In addition, the EMM: ESS includes an evaluation component designed to assess service effectiveness and identify unmet mental health service needs of CCC students.

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YESS–Independent Living Program

The Youth Empowerment Strategies for Success – Independent Living Program is a cornerstone in the Foundation’s commitment to foster youth, serving current and former foster youth ages 16 – 21. The main objectives of the YESS-ILP project are to assist youth transitioning from the K-12 educational system into higher education, creating a pipeline for youth access to educational and career training opportunities available within the California Community College system. YESS-ILP supports youth in developing the critical life management skills necessary to become successful, thriving adults.

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Healthy Transitions

Healthy Transitions provides curriculum for young adults transitioning out of foster care to empower them to recognize how stress, anxiety and past traumas impact their daily lives, and how identifying and managing these factors can increase their success in life. The Healthy Transitions is funded by the voter-approved Mental Health Services Act (Prop. 63) and is a partnership between the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the Foundation for California Community Colleges.

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The Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI)

The Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) was introduced in 2007 by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (Chancellor’s Office) by establishing FYSI liaisons in each of the 113 California Community Colleges. FYSI liaisons provide ancillary support to foster youth enrolled in community college. The Foundation’s Statewide FYSI liaison, in close collaboration with the Chancellor’s office and with support from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, provides and ensures that all Community College FYSI liaisons have access to training that will enable them to provide educational services to foster youth, work to improve the quality of data within the Community College data system to better strategize successful educational outcomes for foster youth, strengthen the Community College system’s ability to implement new legislative and policy changes affecting foster youth, and improve collaboration between the Community College system, the K-12 educational system, and the social services system. Ultimately, FYSI helps to develop a supportive and smooth transition for foster youth.

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The Umoja Community serves at risk, educationally and economically disadvantaged students, believing that when the voices and histories of students are deliberately and intentionally recognized, students develop self-efficacy and a foundation for academic success. Umoja actively promotes student success for all students, with an emphasis on African American student success, through culturally responsive curriculum and practices. Chancellors and college presidents from across the community colleges act as a consortium to advise the Umoja Governing Board on program implementation and generate ideas for securing additional funding.

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Initiative Support

Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support (CAFYES) Program

As part of a joint effort of the Foundation for California Community Colleges and the Chancellor’s Office, with support from the John Burton Foundation, the California Wellness Foundation, the Walter S. Johnson Foundation and other stakeholders, the CAFYES project offers expanded support services to current and former foster youth who are students within California’s community college system. This effort includes outreach and recruitment, counseling, book and supply grants, tutoring, independent living and financial literacy skills support, career guidance, child care assistance, and other services. This effort is intended to give the support that foster youth need to achieve their higher education goals and move on to fulfilling careers. Learn more >

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