Fiscal Year in Review 2016-2017

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A Letter from the President and Chief Executive Officer

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This past year marks the third year of implementation of the Foundation’s 2020 Strategic Plan designed to continue the Foundation’s momentum toward providing innovative and impactful programs and resources that benefit all California Community College students, colleges, college foundations, and the system as a whole by strengthening communities, accelerating paths to economic and social mobility, and reducing barriers to opportunity for all Californians.  

During fiscal year 2017, the Foundation achieved significant year over-year growth and impact across a diverse portfolio of programs that support the Foundation’s Strategic Plan goals. Also in 2017, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors adopted the Vision for Success: Strengthening the California Community Colleges to Meet California’s Needs. The Vision for Success establishes a series of goals which aim to eliminate achievement gaps and increase the number and percentage of California Community College students who reach a defined educational goal while decreasing the amount of time and cost it takes them to complete their educations.  

The Foundation is uniquely positioned to support these goals and is partnering with the Chancellor’s Office, California Community Colleges, advocacy groups, researchers, philanthropists, business leaders, and other stakeholders to see the goals realized. 

As we near the completion of our second decade, we remain focused on ways our programs and services support students, colleges, college foundations, and the system as a whole. We invite you to consider partnering with us to support the missions of the California Community Colleges and look forward to expanding opportunity for all Californians.

Keetha Mills
President and Chief Executive Officer

By the Numbers

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Total Annual Operating Revenue by Areas of Impact

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Year Highlights

Student Success

Built capacity to support the mission of the Chancellor's Office through the Success Center.

The Success Center for California Community Colleges continues to serve as the hub for projects improving outcomes and augmenting completion rates while itself growing and evolving. Through the Success Center, the Foundation provided support and attracted additional funding for system projects and facilitated the roll out of these systemwide initiatives, while increasing policy research and development capacity support for the Chancellor’s Office.

Helped to launch the California Guided Pathways Project.

In partnership with the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement and the America Association of the Community Colleges, the Foundation helped to establish the California Guided Pathways Project, and as project lead, cultivated and managed support from the College Futures Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, and the Teagle Foundation. This student-centered approach to reform builds integrated and soundlystructured educational experiences and dramatically increases the number of students earning credentials while closing equity gaps. Twenty colleges were selected and will implement the model by 2019. This philanthropically-funded project coordinates processes and goals with the $150 million, state-funded systemwide Guided Pathways Project.

Championed the Vision for Success.

The Foundation worked directly with the Chancellor’s Office to secure funding, provide broad support, and develop communications for the Vision for Success: Strengthening the California Community Colleges to Meet California’s Needs, a series of goals guided by principles designed to ensure the California Community Colleges meet the needs of the state. The Foundation will continue to spearhead efforts to help drive the goals of the Vision for Success.

[The Vision for Success], if achieved, will be a milestone in California's history.

Hans Johnson, Public Policy Institute of California
Designed and implemented a civic engagement program.

With philanthropic support, the Foundation designed and implemented its first student civic engagement program, the Civic Impact Project. The non-partisan project supported campus civic engagement activities and created a cohort of Civic Impact Scholars.

Workforce Development

Grew new support for workforce development initiatives.

In the past year, the Foundation secured $9 million in aggregate resources to support statewide workforce development initiatives including work-based learning programs. The Foundation also enhanced tools, services, and resources in response to recommendations from the Strong Workforce initiative.

Connected students with work-based learning experiences.

The Foundation connected over 97,000 students with work-based learning experiences through the Centralized Clinical Placement System, Smog Check Student Technician Training Program, Career Catalyst, LaunchPath, Community College Linked Learning Initiative, and California Apprenticeship Initiative. These efforts reflect the Foundation’s commitment to reducing barriers to opportunity for all Californians and ensuring that students have the skills and experience they need to succeed in California’s workforce.


Expanded Fresh Success employment and training program.

Through partnerships with colleges, counties, and community-based organizations, the Foundation increased the number of Fresh Success pilot sites that offer CalFresh employment and training programs for low-income Californians. Fresh Success assists students experiencing food security challenges, helping them complete their educational goal and prepare for better employment opportunities.

Emergency aid, book vouchers, tutoring, and counseling support offered through Fresh Success has allowed me to stay in school.

Cynthia B., Nursing Student, Gavilan College
Increased access to student mental health support.

Through a collaboration between the Crisis Text Line and the Chancellor’s Office, the Foundation launched a free, 24/7 text-based, confidential assistance service for California Community College students experiencing mental health challenges. This resource further supports the mental health initiative available through the California Community Colleges Student Mental Health program, a statewide effort focused on prevention and early intervention strategies.

System Support and Services

Supported the Network of California Community College Foundations.

The Foundation invested in dedicated staffing support within the Advancement division to lead efforts to grow and diversify revenue sources and the overall impact of the Network. The Foundation increased engagement with college leadership, promoting the importance of fundraising at the local level through professional development. Looking forward, the Foundation will support growing the Network’s leadership and overall effectiveness in order to enhance the fundraising efforts of local foundations and to support statewide initiatives.

Debuted extensive redesigns to key software development projects.

The Foundation's Facilities, Systems, and Services team completed a redesign of FUSION, which serves as the primary tool for districts to manage building assessment, project prioritization, and capital planning data. FUSION 2.0’s expanded capabilities ensure it will remain the California Community Colleges’ daily source for analyzing and planning current and future facility needs. The Technology team also completed a redesign of the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) tool. CCPS 2.0 is a more functional, efficient, and responsive tool that helps nursing students secure clinical placements and expand the capacity of medical facilities to offer such placements.

CollegeBuys exceeded expectations and grew the impact of shared services and collective procurement initiatives.

CollegeBuys served 14,100 students, faculty, and staff across 114 colleges, facilitating almost $30 million in savings in the fiscal year. The Foundation continued to grow the California Higher Education Shared Services initiative (CHESS), an intersegmental initiative related to shared services and collective procurement. CollegeBuys also began offering California Connects, an affordable, mobile internet product, to help bridge the “digital divide” faced by some students and communities.

I consider the CollegeBuys team an extension of our district's Purchasing Department. Consistently, the contracts available through CollegeBuys have the exact terms and conditions that the colleges need.

Associate Vice President of College Operations, De Anza College

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