Foundation Five and Ten Year Service Awards

Foundation Presents Five and Ten Year Service Awards to Longest Serving Members

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—December 23, 2014—The Foundation for California Community Colleges recognized 31 employees with five and ten year service awards. President and CEO Keetha Mills presented the awards during organization-wide meetings held on October 23rd and December 19th, 2014.

“We appreciate the contributions of these individuals and the myriad of ways they bring value to our organization,” said Keetha Mills, Foundation President and CEO. “It’s no surprise that many of these individuals began their educational careers at a California Community College. I’m proud to work alongside an outstanding group of colleagues to benefit, support and enhance the California Community Colleges.”

The Foundation recognized years of service in the Smog Check Referee program, operated through a partnership with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, prior to the Foundation’s formation in 1998. The Smog Check Referee program helps improve California’s air quality while training students for careers in the automotive industry on 31 community college campuses throughout the state. The longest-serving recipient is John Forte, who has helped operated the air quality program for 28 years.

A full list of honorees include:

Five year service award recipients:

  • Judy Rosenquist, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO 
  • Jesse Slye, Smog Check Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Candace Weatherspoon, Training Lead, Call Center, Air Quality Program

Ten year service award recipients:

  • Colleen Ammerman, Director, Youth and Adult Services 
  • Iris Aguilar, Call Center Manager, Air Quality Program
  • John Baltazar, Region 1 Manager, Air Quality Program
  • Jack Berenstein, Referee, Air Quality Program 
  • Henry Chan, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Pratap (Patrick) Chand, Region 2 Manager, Air Quality Program
  • William Coronado, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Daniel Crozier, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Ron Edmondson, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Mark Ellison, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Aris Espeleta, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Herve Favre-Felix, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • John Forte, Region 5 Manager, Air Quality Program
  • Rukny Jreisat, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Michael Latta, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Steven Lucas, Region 4 Manager, Air Quality Program
  • Kimberly Meador, Facilities Assessment Specialist
  • Vas Mirdita, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Michael Muller, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Rick Nishioka, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Anthony Phillips, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Gregorio Ramirez, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Frank Rodriguez, Call Center Agent, Air Quality Program
  • Milo (Mike) Sheldon, Program Manager, Air Quality Program
  • Bhajan (George) Singh, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Mark Weidinger, Region 3 Manager, Air Quality Program
  • Bruce Wendt, Referee, Air Quality Program
  • Sally Vue, Operations Specialist 


Air Quality five year award recipients: Daniel Crozier, Jesse Slye, Candace Weatherspoon


Air Quality ten year award recipients: Iris Aguilar, John Baltazar, Jack Berenstein, Henry Chan, Pratap (Patrick) Chand, William Coronado, Ron Edmondson, Mark Ellison, Aris Espeleta, Herve Favre-Felix, John Forte, Rukny Jreisat, Michael Latta, Steven Lucas, Vas Mirdita, Michael Muller, Rick Nishioka, Anthony Phillips, Gregorio Ramirez, Frank Rodriguez, Bhajan (George) Singh, Mark Weidinger, Bruce Wendt


Five year award recipient: Judy Rosenquist

Ten year award recipients: Colleen Ammerman, Kimberly Meador, Sally Vue


Ten year award recipient: Daniel Crozier

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