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With 2.1 million students attending 116 colleges across the state, the California Community Colleges represents the largest system of public higher education in the nation, one that prides itself on diversity and inclusion. Over 67 percent of enrolled students are of diverse ethnic backgrounds, with most college campuses within or near disadvantaged and low-income communities. 

As the official auxiliary nonprofit to the most open and accessible system of higher education, the Foundation for California Community Colleges has built strong community relationships and uses its statewide reach, network of community colleges, and deep understanding of California’s diverse population to connect its partners to students, their families, and expansive networks. Outreach programs and public awareness campaigns target traditionally underserved communities, and raise awareness of resources and programs that build a more just and equitable California.

As our state navigates a shifting landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to quickly reach the most vulnerable students and community members is more crucial than ever. With a fully remote staff including a multilingual Call Center, the Foundation is poised to help State agencies quickly field inquiries and reach out to its constituents with essential communications during the pandemic and beyond.

Support Services Available

Information Hotline Available

The Foundation houses a multilingual Call Center which serves as a hub and trusted source of information for many student and community service programs. Through in-bound hotline services, outbound calling campaigns, and public phone surveys, agents provide disadvantaged and low-income communities with access to updated information regarding statewide programs, services, laws and regulations, and more.

Targeted Social Media and Online Presence

Through online audience research, we help partner organizations better understand their audience and craft an online presence that resonates with individuals in disadvantaged and low-income communities. The communications team provides social media support, including the execution of highly-targeted paid campaigns and organic content creation, and website development services to help partners reach unique audiences across California.

Culturally Sensitive Outreach Materials

We support our partners through the creation and design of culturally sensitive and multilingual outreach materials, including brochures, one-pagers, tear-offs, mailers, FAQs, and more. Our in-house communications team has produced and distributed thousands of outreach materials to disadvantaged and low-income students and community members throughout the state.

Peer to Peer Outreach

Trusted recommendations come from people we know. Ambassador Programs train community college students to serve as advocates on campus and in their surrounding communities, educating peers, faculty, staff, and the community about programs and available resources they can access. Each program is customized to support a partner’s unique needs, enhancing their ability to effectively reach identified audiences with outreach activities including hosting events, tabling at student gatherings, classroom presentations, collaborating with student clubs and organizations, relationship building with community-based organizations, and more. Current ambassador programs have shifted to entirely digital outreach with quantifiable metrics and goals, and future cohorts will likely employ both digital and in-person outreach strategies for comprehensive reach (as State guidelines allow). 

Event Representation

The Foundation’s outreach team directly engages with students and community members by attending and representing partner organizations at a variety of events including community festivals and gatherings, health and wellness fairs, systemwide conferences, college open houses, and more.

Program Spotlight: California Climate Investments

In partnership with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), we oversee outreach efforts for California Climate Investments (CCI), working closely with eligible governmental, community, and consumer groups to raise awareness of CCI and accelerate California’s clean energy economy. Through efforts like the development of a Community Resource Index, our work aims to facilitate partnerships and strengthen community capacities to participate in CCI environmental programs that provide free solar panel installation, clean vehicle incentives, and more.

Additionally, in partnership with CARB, the Foundation developed a customized statewide campaign and outreach strategy, engaging Student Outreach Ambassadors to promote CCI programs on campus and supporting outreach through social media campaigns, attending and tabling at community events, presentations to community-based organizations, marketing through college media, multi-lingual hotline support, and with the development of website and bilingual outreach materials.

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