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Social Media Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students need access to resources more than ever. We have developed outreach materials that you can use to promote CalFresh services to students on your campus, including digital postcards, social media images, and example copy for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Digital Postcards

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“Interested in applying for CalFresh?”

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“Already receiving CalFresh?”

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Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter


Example Social Media Posts

Interested in applying for #CalFresh? With new #COVID19 measures, it’s now easier than ever for eligible [California Community Colleges] students to sign up and receive money every month to help them buy groceries. To apply, call 1-877-847-3663 (FOOD) or fill out an application here:

For [California Community Colleges] students already receiving #CalFresh benefits, new #COVID19 measures ensure no one is to lose the benefits they rely on in these uncertain times. Current CalFresh recipients do not need to report a change or loss of employment or a change of living situation. Eligible recipients will also receive extra money during April and May. To help everyone stay home and healthy, online grocery ordering is now available through Amazon and Walmart. Learn more:

To help curb hunger and keep families equipped with the resources they need during the #COVID19 pandemic, Pandemic EBT is for families with children who were receiving free or reduced-price meals impacted by school closures, regardless of CalFresh eligibility. Learn more:

In response to the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic, #CalFresh has issued several new measures including: online CalFresh applications, extra money, online grocery purchasing and delivery, Pandemic EBT, and more. CalFresh recipients do not need to report a change or loss of employment or a change of living situation. Let's keep California communities healthy and equipped to handle such uncertain times. [Button link] For more info:

Students eligible for CalFresh can receive money every month to buy groceries needed through the #COVID19 pandemic. Apply today at

#CalFresh is committed to ensuring that recipients can continue to rely on CalFresh benefits during the #COVID19 pandemic. Extra benefits for eligible recipients and online grocery purchasing and delivery through #WalMart and #Amazon are just some of the ways CalFresh is staying true to that commitment.

Pandemic EBT will bring much-needed additional resources to families with children eligible for free or reduced-price meals, impacted by school closures due to the #COVID19 pandemic.

#CalFresh is responding to the #COVID19 pandemic with a commitment to continue supporting CalFresh recipients through extra benefits and online purchasing and delivery features, encouraging new CalFresh applications by easing the application process, and reinforcing Pandemic EBT to help families and children impacted by school closures. Throughout, CalFresh hopes to keep California communities healthy, home and equipped to handle such uncertain times.

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