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Increasing community college student awareness of the 2020 Census.

In 2020 the United States Census Bureau will conduct the Census. The Constitution-mandated Census counts populations and households every 10 years to provide data for apportioning congressional seats, redistricting, and distributing federal aid to counties and communities. It is critical for Census counts to be accurate, but numerous barriers make that difficult to achieve.

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the Foundation for California Community Colleges are supporting outreach efforts on Community College campuses to ensure that all Californians get the assistance and information they need to properly complete the Census. As the largest system of higher education in the nation, the California Community Colleges are in a unique position to reach students and their family members, including students in colleges located in hard-to-count regions of California and undocumented students.

Census 2020 Student Outreach Ambassadors

Applications are now closed.

To support increased awareness of the 2020 Census, the Foundation is recruiting 50 student ambassadors from colleges in counties with high hard-to-count indexes to conduct outreach from January through May 2020. The goal is for student ambassadors to address real and perceived barriers associated with completing the Census through canvassing and peer-to-peer conversations.

Each student ambassador will be supported by Foundation program staff and an on-campus advisor. All will receive comprehensive training to educate their peers on how to complete the Census and address frequently asked questions, as well as a $500 budget for event costs, collateral materials, a tablet, and a mobile internet device for onsite Census responses. Key ambassador activities include:

  • Conducting classroom presentations;
  • Hosting events or tabling at athletic events, orientations, activity fairs, and other campus events;
  • Connecting with and training other student leaders on campus;
  • Collaborating with student clubs, organizations, and student services such as health centers, foster youth liaisons, homeless youth liaisons, health and wellness centers, and food pantries;
  • Engaging in social media outreach;
  • Distributing collateral; and
  • Serving as regional spokespeople for campus and local media.

Census Student Network Activations

Applications are now closed.

Colleges, college foundations, community-based organizations, campus clubs, student groups, resource centers, or other college centers who are affiliated with a California Community College in counties with high hard-to-count indexes are eligible to apply for sponsorships of up to $5,000. Sponsorships will help colleges lead outreach events on their campuses and in their community to promote and educate their community members about the Census. Organizations eligible for sponsorships include:

  • California Community Colleges Student Senate;
  • California Community Colleges Academic Senate;
  • Local campus offices of Student Life and Leadership;
  • Local student government, student leadership, and advocacy groups focused on first-generation college students; and
  • Other clubs and organizations.

Groups who can provide targeted outreach to historically underrepresented students in hard to count areas will be prioritized.

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