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Resources for Colleges

California Community College Scholarship Endowment made possible by The Bernard Osher Foundation

CCCSE Impact Summary 2016-17

In May 2008, the Osher Foundation made a historic pledge to the California Community Colleges, giving an unprecedented lead gift of $25 million to establish the endowment, and committing additional match dollars for amounts raised by the system. Over the course of three years, a permanent scholarship fund totaling approximately $70 million was established to support students who struggle to afford the ever-rising cost of an education. This endowment will fund over 3,000 scholarships of at least $1,100 every academic year, forever.

Updated CCCSE Osher Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship guidelines are available for colleges to use in awarding CCCSE Osher scholarships. Recent updates include clarification of the guidelines if your college would like to pro-rate scholarships.

All Osher Scholars can receive up to $550 per semester for a total of $1,100 per year*. Colleges may award part-time students prorated scholarships, with suggested amounts as follows:

Full-time (12 or more units per term) = up to $550 per semester (or $1,100 cumulative)
Three-quarter-time (9-11.99 units per term) = up to $412.50 per semester (or $825 cumulative)
Half-time (6 – 8.99 units per term) = up to $275 per semester (or $550 cumulative)

*The Foundation may adjust scholarship amounts in increments of no less than $100 based on inflation, ensuring that students will reap the same benefit in the future economy. The Foundation will alert colleges to the updated figure upon adjustment.

Download the Scholarship Guidelines >

Updated CCCSE FAQs for colleges

CCCSE FAQs are available for colleges administering CCCSE Osher Scholarships.

Download the CCCSE FAQs

General Information

Investment Policy
(Last updated August 2017)
Download the Investment Policy >

Financial Statement (For period ending June 30, 2017)
Download the latest CCCSE financial statement >

2017-18 CCCSE Annual Reporting Worksheet
Download the 2017-18 Osher Scholarship Reporting Worksheet >

Download the JPG | EPS | PNG

Donor Outreach and Gift Transfer

The Foundation for California Community Colleges is pleased to provide information and materials that may be helpful to individual colleges and their foundations in continued donor outreach and gift transmission. Even though the Osher Foundation match campaign has ended, colleges can still submit gifts to the CCCSE and increase the number of CCCSE scholarships available to students in future years.

The following materials can be customized and used in donor outreach efforts.

Giving Form
This form includes pledge and tribute options and provides a section at the bottom to insert your local contact information.
Download the giving form >

College Gift Transmission Form
Colleges should use this form to transfer a gift to the CCCSE.
Download the gift transmission form >

CCCSE Osher Scholarship Disbursement and Award Resources

The Foundation for California Community Colleges is pleased to provide the following templates that may be helpful in administering CCCSE Osher Scholarship.

The following instructions provide financial aid administrators at California Community Colleges with guidelines and instructions for selecting Osher Scholars.
Download the scholarship instructions >

Application Template
CCCSE Osher Scholarship application template.
Download the application template >

Award Template
An Osher Scholar certificate template to provide to selected students. 

Download the 2018-19 award template>
Download the 2017-18 award template>

Award Letter
An Osher Scholar award letter template to provide to selected students.
Download the award letter >

CCCSE Osher Scholarship Flyer
A CCCSE Osher Scholarship flyer for posting on your campus or college website.
Download the scholarship flyer >

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Supporting our Work

Help the Foundation further its mission to benefit, support, and enhance the California Community Colleges.

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Who we serve

The Foundation serves as the official foundation supporting the Board of Governors, Chancellor’s Office, and the entire California Community College system, including 114 colleges and 72 districts, serving 2.1 million students.

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