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Reaching Students Where They Are

California Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach: Community Connect Program

Increasing awareness of tax credit eligibility for students.

The Community Connect Program, formerly the Tax Credit & Public Benefits Outreach program, helps to disrupt generational cycles of poverty and improve community outcomes by providing tax credits to parenting and non-parenting working students. FoundationCCC, in partnership with the Golden State Opportunity Foundation, works with campus partners to provide outreach grants, so that more students are aware of and equipped with the knowledge about tax credit eligibility.

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California Low-Cost Auto Insurance Outreach

Removing transportation challenges for Californians.

Expenses other than tuition can account for more than college tuition costs. To holistically address our students’ basic needs, FoundationCCC is working  in partnership with the California Department of Insurance to bring awareness to the California Low-Cost Auto Insurance program. The California Low-Cost Auto Insurance (CLCA) program is a state-sponsored program that makes auto insurance affordable and is designed to provide income-eligible affordable rates as a way to meet California’s mandatory insurance law. Outreach for the program will be conducted collaboratively by FoundationCCC’s student ambassadors and select campus partners will conduct peer-to-peer outreach and a social media campaign to promote low-cost auto insurance for students and communities.

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