Getting Started

The work of FoundationCCC, at its core, is about improving education in California. Providing services as a fiscal sponsor to mission-aligned programs assists FoundationCCC in its aim to be an integral partner in the success of the K-16 system in California through partnership, collaboration, and by developing and providing resources promoting that success.

Selection Criteria

FoundationCCC will consider providing fiscal sponsorship services based on the following guidelines:

  • Education is the program’s focus, and its mission or goals are aligned with those of the Chancellor’s Office or FoundationCCC.
  • Program activities align with one or more of the goals outlined in the Vision for Success and/or the California Guided Pathways pillars.
  • Program is typically operated by or in partnership with, or to effect change within, the Chancellor’s Office, a district, a college, a local education agency, or K-12 schools.
  • There is a potential for replication and/or statewide impact.
  • A group of three or more volunteers and/or experts in the program’s field provides program leadership.
  • Risk and liability to the Foundation can be reasonably managed.
  • *Program is unincorporated or prepared to unwind corporate status.
  • Funding is or is expected to total at least $30,000 within the first 18 months of fiscal sponsorship and the project assumes responsibility for fundraising.
  • FoundationCCC receives an administrative fee to cover its direct and indirect expenses.