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Coordinating student success efforts statewide.

The California Community Colleges are in the midst of a major reform effort aimed at significantly increasing the number of students successfully completing their educational and career goals. The Student Success Initiative was launched in 2012 by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors and the state Chancellor's Office, and is based on a set of 22 recommendations which now serve as guiding policy for the system. More recently, the Board of Governors adopted the Vision for Success, a set of bold systemwide goals and commitments designed to ensure the California Community Colleges continue to serve the needs of the state. 

We are proud to launch the Success Center for California Community Colleges, and are committed to ensuring that it grows into a genuine and well-organized hub for coordinating student success efforts throughout California.

Keetha Mills, President and CEO


The mission of the Success Center is to advance the CCC Student Success Initiative and significantly improve student outcomes by serving as a hub that promotes the sharing, adoption, and implementation of effective practices and policies across the CCC system. 

Focus and Projects

The Success Center, which was launched in fall 2014, is focused on several priorities:

  • Policy Research and Analysis.  A key function of the Success Center is the provision of data and analysis to inform and influence state-level policy changes related to student success. Policy and research work has supported the development of the student-centered funding formula, the online college, developmental education and placement reform, and apportionment for academic support time (tutoring).
  • Supporting Implementation and Measurement of the Vision for Success. This virtual support venue will be augmented by on-ground workshops and consultations provided as part of CCC’s Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative. The vision of the Success Center is for California’s community colleges to have the best system of professional development and peer collaboration in the country so as to deliver outstanding educational programs and produce exceptional educational results for community college students.
  • Supporting Guided Pathways Implementation Through the Professional Learning Network. The Success Center worked with partners to develop an online professional development clearinghouse for community colleges, the Professional Learning Network (PLN). The PLN creates a shared learning environment for faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees to collaborate across institutions and access a comprehensive library of professional development resources around student success and institutional effectiveness.
  • Intra- and Inter-Segmental Coordination. The Success Center serves as a coordinating hub that brings together key individuals, organizations, and institutions to foster change. For example, a goal of the Success Center is to foster more inter-segmental dialogue.  


The Success Center is housed in the Foundation for California Community Colleges and is tightly integrated into State Chancellor’s Office operations. Seed funding for the Success Center is provided by a two-year $500,000 grant from The Kresge Foundation, a private organization that works to create opportunities for low-income individuals and improve communities nationwide. The Success Center also receives financial support from the California Education Policy Fund (launched by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation) and leverages state funding provided to CCC to carry out projects. 

Program Partners

The Success Center is backed by a dedicated group of program partners. These partners include the Academic Senate for CCC, the Community College League of California, the RP Group, 3CSN, and the Career Ladders Project. The Success Center’s strategic direction is guided by an eleven-member advisory board. 

The Success Center for CCC joins a nationwide network of Student Success Centers funded by The Kresge Foundation in recent years, with locations in 15 states. The network is managed by Jobs for the Future, a nonprofit organization committed to helping students and workers succeed in today’s economy.


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