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Join us at C3CONVERGE 2024, the Climate Summit for Community Colleges in Sacramento, CA, on September 17-18. Discover how community colleges are leading the charge in climate resilience and sustainability. Learn more about the summit and join us!


To harness the unique strengths of California’s community colleges to foster climate resilience and adaptation by promoting sustainable practices, developing a climate-ready workforce, and collectively engaging communities.


A future where California leads in climate resilience, powered by the innovative and inclusive efforts of its community colleges, transforming lives and communities for a sustainable world.



We adhere to ethical practices, transparency, and impartiality, which lay the foundation for trust and drive impactful and credible change.


We maintain a constructive, hopeful mindset oriented toward progress and possibility.

Community Leadership

Championing community-driven solutions for climate challenges.


Encouraging creative and pragmatic approaches to climate solutions.

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Jeffrey Clary

Senior Director, Center for Climate Futures
Strategic Advisor to the Chancellor, California Community Colleges