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Our Story

Since 1998, FoundationCCC has worked to support innovation and excellence in higher education. We were founded on the idea that the California Community Colleges change lives by providing access to affordable, quality education and training.

By making education more affordable and accessible, the California Community Colleges help improve the quality of life for those who face barriers to higher education—including first-generation college students, students in low-income families, rural residents, inner city residents, foster youth, military veterans, and immigrants.

Additionally, the California Community Colleges are the largest system of higher education in the nation, with 116 colleges and 73 self-governing districts. With such an expansive system, coordinating among stakeholders and implementing change can be challenging. FoundationCCC, in collaboration with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, facilitates collaboration, accelerates innovation, and increases systemwide resources.

As we reflect on our history, we acknowledge our partners and supporters who have helped us make progress along the way. We continue to uphold the value of the California Community Colleges and our state by expanding our wide-reaching portfolio of programs and services that increase systemwide resources and directly provide support to students, colleges, and our communities.

Our History

  • 2022

    Supporting Communities in Climate Mitigation and Resilience

    Lake Tahoe Community College
  • 2022

    Bridging Education and Workforce Pathways for Equity and Opportunity

    Sacramento City College
  • 2021

    Delivering Relief and Support to Californians in Need

  • 2020

    Bridging Regional Gaps for Student Completion

    San Diego Mesa College
  • 2019

    Combating Food Insecurity for Better Student Outcomes.

  • 2018

    Revolutionizing Education with Online Learning for Working Adults

  • 2017

    Confidential Mental Health Support for Students

    San Joaquin Delta College
  • 2017

    Creating Clear Paths to Success

    San Diego Mesa College
  • 2016

    Empowering Student Voices through Voter Registration

    San Diego Mesa College
  • 2015

    Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration

    Pasadena City College
  • 2014

    Driving College Completion and Student Success

    Mira Costa College
  • 2013

    Connecting Students and Employers for Workforce Readiness

    College of San Mateo
  • 2012

    Empowering Students for Educational and Career Achievement

    Los Angeles Southwest College
  • 2011

    Bridging the Digital Divide for Central Valley Communities

    Evergreen Valley College
  • 2010

    Improving Air Quality by Encouraging Vehicle Upgrades

    College of Marin
  • 2008

    Transforming Lives through Perpetual Scholarships

    San Diego Mesa College
  • 2005

    Investing in Nursing Education

    Los Angeles Trade Tech College
  • 2004

    Advancing Healthcare Education in California

    San Diego Mesa College
  • 2004

    Streamlining Smog Check and Training Future Professionals

    College of Marin
  • 2002

    Forging Pathways to College and Career

  • 2000

    Scaling Mission-Aligned Initiatives

    American River College
  • 1999

    Empowering Community Colleges through Systemwide Procurement.

    Crafton Hills College
  • 1998

    Connecting Students with Valuable Work Experience

    San Diego Mesa College
  • 1998

    Pioneering Support for the California Community Colleges

Stories of Impact

FoundationCCC’s impact reaches nearly 2 million students across all 116 colleges, with several programs scaling nationally. Our Media Center showcases stories and press releases which highlight current priorities and bring life to the importance of this work.

These inspiring narratives also acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our partners and the individuals who have played a pivotal role in the success of our initiatives.

Stories of Impact

Enrique S., California Community College Finish Line Scholar

Inspired by compassionate Respiratory Therapists during his father-in-law’s illness, Enrique leveraged the Finish Line Scholarship to pursue his dream. Now a proud graduate, he embodies care and respect in serving patients, forever grateful for FoundationCCC’s support.

Feeling Inspired?

Through the stories of our widely diverse programs and services, the Foundation for California Community Colleges demonstrates its range and scope.