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Kate Wright


Kate Wright is the Executive Director of Climate Mayors, a network of nearly 500 U.S. mayors dedicated to equitable climate action in cities. She oversees strategic efforts, including helping cities implement progressive policies, advocating for federal climate action, and creating initiatives to reduce emissions while promoting economic growth and environmental justice. Previously, Kate worked with CivicWell to enhance climate resilience through clean mobility, sustainable water management, renewable energy, and affordable housing programs, benefiting California Community Colleges’ communities and students.

Kate’s expertise and regional and federal connections will be invaluable to FoundationCCC, the Chancellor’s Office, and community colleges’ climate adaptation and mitigation efforts. The recent establishment of the “Center for Climate Futures” adopts a comprehensive approach, utilizing the community college system’s reach for climate adaptation and mitigation. Initiatives include the Resilient Careers in Forestry project, leveraging U.S. Economic Development Administration funds to create an adaptive fire and forestry workforce, develop resilient economies in vulnerable communities, and achieve California’s one million-acre annual restoration target by 2025. Additionally, FoundationCCC’s Student Disaster Relief Fund has distributed $100,000 to students affected by climate-related disasters, such as wildfires, floods, and extreme snow events.