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Kevin Wutke

Senior Director, CollegeBuys Business Innovation

Kevin Wutke is the Senior Director, CollegeBuys Business Innovation, at FoundationCCC.

In this role, Kevin works across departments to promote integrated programming that holistically serves students. Additionally, he provides as-needed strategic support across teams that enables FoundationCCC to flex capacity for emerging needs and liaises with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office on core interest areas, including systemwide technology procurement, climate action, and policy.

FoundationCCC Highlights

  • Provided strategic support to overhaul the asynchronous professional development platform for all system faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees.
  • Partnered with the Chancellor’s Office to significantly increase CollegeBuys’ digital transformation agreements, streamlining procurement processes and improving digital equity.

Kevin joined FoundationCCC in 2017 and has demonstrated his capacity for adaptable leadership across the organization. Prior to joining FoundationCCC, Kevin taught philosophy courses as a graduate student at Ohio State University. His experience as an instructor provided valuable insight into the diverse circumstances and needs of students, while highlighting the breadth of opportunities for colleges to support student success through interventions both in- and outside of the classroom.

Kevin holds an M.A. in philosophy from Ohio State University and B.A.s in philosophy and psychology from the University of California, Davis.

Areas of Expertise

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration
  • Project Management 
  • Process Improvement
  • Managing Ambiguity