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Kwesi Edwards


Kwesi Edwards serves as a Principal Go-to-Market Specialist at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is an esteemed member of FoundationCCC’s Board of Directors. With over a decade of experience in business technology, he has consistently championed the effective implementation of information technology to drive positive outcomes for diverse organizations.

In his current position at AWS, as well as during his previous tenures at Oracle and Informatica, Mr. Edwards has been instrumental in enabling educational institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and startups to excel. Having dedicated over a decade to integrating enterprise technology into colleges and universities, he has gained an in-depth understanding of Student Information Systems, particularly across the California Community Colleges.

Mr. Edwards is also a vital contributor to Amazon West’s Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Team, actively supporting AWS’s endeavors to enhance representation for underrepresented groups within the company and among its partners and customers. His unwavering commitment to promoting equity in higher education drives his efforts to cultivate a diverse and thriving workforce. As a member of FoundationCCC’s Board of Directors Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee, Mr. Edwards is dedicated to helping the organization fulfill its mission.

He holds a BSE in Information System Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.