Ky Fernandez (any pronouns) is a proactive and dedicated transfer student pursuing a Gender Studies degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a profound passion for women’s health, gender, and human sexuality.

Ky earned multiple associate degrees at Santa Monica College (SMC) in June 2023, demonstrating her commitment to academic excellence. Beyond her studies, Ky played a pivotal role as Vice President of the college’s chapter of PERIOD., a global, youth-powered organization advocating for menstrual equity and access.

Ky’s dedication to social change extended to her involvement in SMC’s Gender Equity Center Advisory Committee, addressing gender-related issues and fostering allyship in support of gender equity. Additionally, as a Title IX leader, Ky co-founded the college’s club ‘Break The Silence’ and served as the Outreach Officer, co-hosting informational presentations on domestic violence, healthy relationships, and sexual assault resources.

Ky envisions a future where more women are at the forefront of positive transformations, leaving a legacy that inspires everyone to strive for a more equitable world.