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Striving for an Equitable Climate Future

Community Outreach and Engagement

Supporting our communities and the environment.

Community colleges are embedded into the fabric of diverse communities across the state. When agencies roll out new environmental incentive programs or launch awareness campaigns, FoundationCCC works with colleges and their partners to engage hard-to-reach and often disinvested communities, connecting them with state programs and critical resources. More recently, FoundationCCC supported an environmental state agency with the planning and implementation of community-led listening sessions to gather input on equitable investments and their benefits to communities. Building the next generation of climate leaders is also at the heart of FoundationCCC’s vision for an equitable climate future. Through dynamic programming, co-created with our funders and partners, FoundationCCC has supported students across the state in gaining hands-on experience in community outreach and engagement on critical climate issues.

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IDEAL Communities

Connecting Californians to zero emission technology and resources.

The IDEAL Communities Partnership Project was a collaboration between the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program and FoundationCCC to raise awareness around zero emission vehicle incentives and community benefits. In 2021-2022, FoundationCCC supported this work through efforts including the IDEAL Zero Emission Vehicle Student Ambassador Program, which engaged student leaders to conduct research and outreach activities to raise awareness of zero-emission mobility and help the state reach its climate and equity goals, including 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035.

Replace Your Ride

Educating individuals on smarter transportation options.

A long-standing partnership with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, FoundationCCC supports the Replace Your Ride program, which allows individuals to trade in their older, high polluting vehicles for a more fuel-efficient option. Leveraging its statewide outreach capabilities, FoundationCCC works to raise awareness of this program and connect Californians with newer, more energy efficient transportation options.