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Creating a Network of Greener Campuses

Climate Action and Sustainability Framework

Empowering California Community Colleges to lead climate action.

Approved by the California Community College Board of Governors in 2021, the Climate Action and Sustainability Framework provides goals and recommendations for community college districts for reducing their carbon footprints. The framework serves as a tool to prompt local discussion around ways California Community Colleges can leverage their expansive footprint by incorporating sustainability principles and climate science in their local practices. It encourages campuses to establish benchmarks in key metrics, such as water use, waste production, and greenhouse gas emissions, so that impacts of sustainability action can be assessed. The document provides guiding principles for facilities and operations initiatives within the Center for Climate Futures.

Climate Goals for Colleges

Fostering college accountability in the climate space.

As a first step to setting clear targets within the Climate Action and Sustainability Framework, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office prepared a set of Climate Action and Sustainability Goals for the colleges. Using benchmarks to be set in 2025, as recommended by the framework, the goals document lays out energy and resource use reductions to 2035. Key operations are expected to have net zero emissions by that year.


Connecting colleges to savings on quality sustainable supplies.

CollegeBuys, powered by FoundationCCC, is the institutional purchasing program used by the California Community Colleges and affiliated higher education institutions. The program offers discounts of up to 85 percent on a wide range of educational products—from industry-leading software and technology to high-quality office and classroom furniture – and focuses on quality to ensure the durability and extended lifetime of college purchases. The Center for Climate Futures and CollegeBuys are partnering to simplify the process for colleges to access sustainable goods and services that can reduce their impact on the environment.

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Keeping campuses green and environmentally-friendly.

FoundationCCC has been providing facilities and building data services to the California Community Colleges since 2002 through Facilities Utilization, Space Inventory Options Net (FUSION). FUSION tracks and assesses over 90 million square feet of California Community Colleges campuses, and can help identify and prioritize necessary building updates for maximum climate impact.

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