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Raising Funds for Climate Action

Sustainability through philanthropy.

Matching resources with capacities of the college network and with community needs is essential to successful work in climate. The colleges, the Chancellor’s Office, and their respective foundations must be able to access grants, contracts, and donations to build and scale climate practices, whether for facility upgrades, climate-ready workforce development programs, or community resilience building.

The Center for Climate Futures identifies and explores opportunities such as: state priorities for workforce and community outreach, federal economic development initiatives and requirements such as community benefit plans, and partnerships with CBOs and NGOs with shared goals.

The Center also links philanthropy with climate practice. Philanthropic funds allow innovation and testing of creative ideas at the state, district and campus levels. With proof of concept established, philanthropically-launched projects gain sustainability through other lines of funding.

Resource Development

As colleges identify and implement climate-related upgrades and programs, the Center for Climate Futures helps match needs to resources. Our strong resource development team leverages philanthropic, state, and federal funds for maximum impact.