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Environmental Equity Student Ambassador Program

Building community leaders in environmental and climate justice.

The Environmental Equity Student Ambassador Program trains California community college students to promote access to a healthy and resilient environment for all people in the community. The program serves as an essential professional development and leadership opportunity where student ambassadors receive a stipend for participation and ongoing coaching and support. These student ambassadors will emerge from the program with the tools, ability, and perspective to become leaders in advocating for a more sustainable future across race, gender, class, and ability.

Program Services

Growing community impact through environmental leadership.

In cooperation with participating colleges, FoundationCCC trains student ambassadors on local, state, and federal environmental equity programs, including clean transportation incentives and green jobs training.

Outreach includes:

  • Conducting community engagement and outreach activities
  • Attending and tabling at community events, such as farmers markets
  • Engaging with local organizations, including businesses, churches, and local government
  • Surveys and data collection about community perceptions and experiences
  • Class presentations and partnering with student clubs and organizations
  • Utilizing social media and other digital tools to connect with the community

Program Benefits

  • Leadership and professional development opportunities

  • Building skills in outreach and engagement

  • Connecting communities with environmental equity resources

  • A trusted source of peer-to-peer outreach