Program Pathways Mapper

Simplifying the path to degree for students.

The Program Pathways Mapper (PPM) has been shown to positively impact students, high school counselors, schools and the workforce while providing a technical solution to meet the Roadmap to Success and Guided Pathways goals. PPM connects the California Community Colleges, University of California, and California State University systems so that students can view a map of intersegmental curricular pathways, easily transfer between segments, and reduce excess units taken on the path to degree or program completion. The versatility of the tool allows it to be implemented in any higher education system across the country. Students are able to visualize a clear pathway to a variety of education opportunities and speed up their entry into the workforce because the PPM provides:

  • Equitable student access to career and education planning information.
  • The opportunity for counselors to deepen their impact on students by focusing on higher-level questions.
  • Higher college-going rates.
  • An improved transfer experience for community college students’ timely access to a trained workforce for employers.
  • The California economy has the workforce it needs to maintain sustainable growth.

The Program Pathways Mapper program team is composed of representatives from Kern Community College District, the Foundation for California Community Colleges, and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

Benefits of Program Pathways Mapper

The Program Pathways Mapper makes it easy for students, school personnel, and/or Chancellor’s Office personnel to:


  • Explore education programs and degree types across education systems
  • Save education program maps and use for course planning with advisor
  • Removes the barrier of “hidden curriculum” for first year students
  • Reduces excess credits, credit loss during transfer, and overall student debt
  • Clarifies the enrollment and transfer process
  • Provides access to program information and career data so students can make informed decisions about their future

School Personnel and Chancellor’s Office

  • Create mandated reports from data
    • On path percentage
    • Degree persistence
    • Graduation and transfer rates
    • Impact on equity initiatives
  • Improve enrollment, transfer, and graduation rates
  • Increase visibility to in demand career fields
  • Meet Guided Pathways and Road Map to Success goals
  • Improve access to school programs for non-traditional student populations

Program Highlights

  • 58 schools across California, Oregon, and Washington

    publishing program information on PPM.

  • 10,000 maps

    publicly available to students statewide.

  • 15% increase

    observed in student on path success rate.