Corporate Roundtable

Business partnerships to advance the California Community Colleges.

The California Community Colleges, in their mission to offer exceptional education and training opportunities that cater to the needs of both students and employers statewide, have fostered valuable partnerships with influential business leaders and stakeholders. Among these partnerships, the Corporate Roundtable plays a pivotal role in supporting and advancing the goals of the community college system.

Comprising a diverse cohort of esteemed executives and leaders hailing from various industries and sectors, such as technology, healthcare, and finance, the Corporate Roundtable collaborates closely with the California Community Colleges. Together, they work towards a shared vision of promoting the community colleges as a vital resource for workforce development, fostering increased employer engagement with the colleges, and championing initiatives to enhance student success and career readiness.

Beyond their collaborative efforts, members of the Corporate Roundtable extend their support through financial contributions and other valuable resources to bolster the endeavors of the community colleges. This relationship ensures that the California Community Colleges remain at the forefront of delivering high-quality education and training that aligns with the evolving needs of students and employers across the state.

Member Benefits

The Corporate Roundtable is an excellent opportunity for businesses to support California Community Colleges and gain visibility among college leadership and decision-makers. With an annual, tax-deductible contribution, Corporate Roundtable members can receive the following benefits

  • Special invitation to a series of Corporate Roundtable events throughout the state with system leaders and local administrators. Members have the opportunity to network and present their company’s strategic vision to those in attendance.
  • Opportunity to attend a Corporate Roundtable reception held at FoundationCCC’s annual purchasing conference, providing a valuable networking opportunity with those who make purchasing decisions at California Community Colleges.
  • CollegeBuys featured article placement in our newsletter “The Quarterly” sent to our CCC purchasing departments with items affecting the California Community College system that are relevant to our members.
  • Company visibility in a variety of materials that are shared with California Community College leadership, including the Foundation for California Community Colleges’ website and other materials developed by the Foundation, such as its annual report.

Join Corporate Roundtable Partners

Thank you for your interest in the Corporate Roundtable. To find out more about this program, levels of membership, and how it might benefit your business or organization, please contact Kevin Wutke at