FoundationCCC AI Hub

Enhancing Student Access and Success with AI

The Foundation for California Community Colleges AI Hub harnesses the core capabilities of FoundationCCC, including policy and research; procurement; technology development; student-centered design; workforce development, and resource development to build upon the possibilities of generative artificial intelligence.

Partnering with the California Community Colleges Digital Center for Innovation, Transformation, and Equity, we aim to capture the potential of generative artificial intelligence to improve access to education that promotes economic mobility. Guided by the Vision 2030 Roadmap for California Community Colleges, and funded largely through philanthropy, critical AI solutions are crafted to address the challenges and opportunities identified by students, colleges, and communities, ensuring that we meet their needs effectively and harness their leadership. 

The FoundationCCC AI Hub will enhance student engagement, success, and career growth through support of strategic projects designed to bridge the gap between education and economic opportunities, preparing students effectively for the high-demand jobs of the future. As the AI Hub continues to evolve along  with the changing technology landscape, we remain committed to positively reshaping students’ educational experiences, fostering a culture of innovation, and advancing equity through the California Community Colleges.

Featured Event 

Futures Summit 2024 | AI: Powering Tomorrow’s Workforce
Join us at the inaugural Futures Summit at De Anza College on September 10. The Futures Summit will bring together visionaries, thought leaders, educators, campus AI coordinators, and government officials from within our system and across the nation for a one-day event focusing on AI in the workplace and its implications for the present and future.