Film Internship Fund

Developing California’s entertainment professionals through paid student internships.

The Foundation for California Community Colleges is partnering with the California Film Commission to build the next generation of working professionals for California’s media industry. The Film Internship Fund connects talented students with employers for career-based internships.

How the Fund Works

The California Film Commission’s tax credit program supports eligible film projects produced in California. Contributions made by production companies to the Career Catalyst Film Fund meet the career readiness requirement for the tax credit. The funds support students’ wages during paid work experiences. Colleges can implement an internship program. Media companies can host an intern.

Media Companies

Make contributions for tax credit

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Intern for media companies

College Programs

Empower students through career-based internship programs

Enhance student learning through hands-on experiences in film and multimedia. Careers in film and media are within reach for California community college students through meaningful, project-based work opportunities. Since 2017, 53 students have been hired as paid interns across 11 productions through contributions to the fund, affording students first-hand experience in art, camera, grip, wardrobe, and production. Explore diverse roles, from visual effects to sound design, and get mentored by industry professionals.

 Contact us to learn more about funding opportunities to implement internship initiatives on your campus.

Production and Media Companies

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