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CCCSE Osher Scholarship Information for Students

Scholarship Overview

The goal of the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment (CCCSE) is to support students with financial need who have demonstrated success and commitment in their coursework. 

Students, here is what you should know about the CCCSE Osher Scholarship

Check with your financial aid office or counselor for information about the CCCSE Osher Scholarship selection process on your individual campus. The following general guidelines will help you determine eligibility for a CCCSE Osher Scholarship. Keep in mind that requirements and deadlines will ultimately depend on which California Community College you are attending.

Eligibility and Selection of Osher Scholars 

To be considered for a CCCSE Osher Scholarship, you must go through the application process at your individual college. Students with financial need will receive top priority for scholarships. Criteria may differ between colleges, but general requirements include that you:

  1. Have completed 24 or more “degree applicable” semester units (or the equivalent) at the time you receive your distribution. Transfer units from another college may be included in this determination as long as they have been determined to meet your college’s requirements for degree applicable coursework. 
  2. Are enrolled at least half time (6 or more units) during all terms in which the award remains active. 
  3. Are a California College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors Fee Waiver) recipient.

In addition, the following requirements are necessary for an Osher Scholar to remain in good standing: 

  1. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at all times, according to your college’s policy. 
  2. Maintain at least half time enrollment status (6 units or more) to qualify for initial and all subsequent payments.

While you must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to be eligible, academic performance, such as grades or test scores, is not a selection criteria itself.

Award Amounts

Scholarship recipients can receive up to $600 per semester for a total of $1,200 per year. Depending on the school, part-time students may receive prorated scholarships, with suggested amounts as follows: 

  • Full-time (12 or more units per term) = up to $600 per semester (or $1,200 cumulative) 
  • Three-quarter-time (9-11.99 units per term) = up to $450 per semester (or $900 cumulative) 
  • Half-time (6 – 8.99 units per term) = up to $300 per semester (or $600 cumulative)

Scholarship Renewals 

Scholarships can sometimes be renewed in subsequent years. You must continue to meet all student criteria to remain eligible for a scholarship renewal in the following academic year. Awards are renewable up to a maximum of three times the annual award. Verify details on scholarship renewals with your individual college. 

Scholarship Awards Timeline 

Most colleges distribute funding prior to the start of each term, but scholarship deadlines and award periods are different for each college. Check with your financial aid office to learn about dates and deadlines on your campus.

Other Scholarships Opportunities

For additional information on scholarship opportunities and other forms of financial aid available for California Community College students, visit

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