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Lifting Up Communities Historically Underserved by Education

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Student Achievement Program

Empowering Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander students through culturally responsive education.

In collaboration with the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs (CAPIAA), the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (Chancellor’s Office), and our advocacy and community partner Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE), FoundationCCC was selected as the Central Office to establish the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Student Achievement Program. The program aims to provide culturally responsive services to enhance student educational experiences and promote higher education success for low-income, first-generation AANHPI students, and other underserved and underrepresented students.

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Foster Youth Support

Ensuring students from foster care receive the support they need to succeed.

Each year, approximately 4,000 of California’s foster youth age out of foster care, and many are left unequipped and unprepared to navigate the higher education system. In partnership with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, FoundationCCC offers foster youth programs that support them as they make the transition into adulthood. Our programs start with academic support and extend to independent living skills, which includes helping students access financial aid to set them up for success in college and beyond.

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LGBTQ+ Initiatives & Student Support

Systemwide support for LGBTQ+ students.

In partnership with the Chancellor’s Office, FoundationCCC is working to provide support staff, technical assistance, and varying levels of a systemwide coordination of resources for community colleges to holistically and intentionally serve their LGBTQ+ student population.  Through our targeted support, colleges can find student resources, promising practices, initiative updates, and ways to connect with colleagues across the system to learn how to support their LGBTQ+ student population. Part of our support includes our fiscal sponsorship of the annual CCC LGBTQ+ Summit, a space for students, faculty, classified professionals and administrators to come together in  efforts to improve community college campuses and encourage change at the structural level for the benefit of the LGBTQ+ communities and individuals at the California Community Colleges.

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Men of Color Action Network

Advocacy. Mentorship. Brotherhood.

Made up of a dedicated group of administrators, faculty, staff, and community members from various California community colleges, the Men of Color Action Network (MOCAN) is an active, multicultural support network focusing on the systemic – academic, political, and social – change needed to cultivate a learning environment that optimizes the success of male students of color. As one of the Foundation’s Collaborative Impact partners, MOCAN primarily serves community college students, staff, faculty, and administrators of particularly historically marginalized groups including Black/African-American, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APDI), Middle Eastern, and Native men of color, and works to provide them with opportunities for self-expression in a safe environment of mutual support with other men of color.

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Undocumented Student Support

Supporting all students regardless of immigration status.

FoundationCCC is dedicated to upholding California’s values and providing clear pathways and resources for undocumented students to accomplish their educational goals. We participate in the Immigration Legal Services Project, which provides free legal services to undocumented California community college students, faculty, staff, and families. Previous efforts helped create the California Community Colleges Dreamers Project report, which identified several opportunities to better serve this at-risk population.

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Wellness Coach Designated Education Program

Building a public behavioral health workforce that better represents the diversity of behavioral health needs of California’s children and youth.

This program is an investment under the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative, which aims to promote social-emotional well-being, prevent behavioral health challenges, and expand access to mental health and substance use services for youth across California. Through this grant opportunity, the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FoundationCCC) and the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) will allocate funding and resources to individual California community colleges to develop and implement course curriculum that aligns with the HCAI Certified Wellness Coach I education and training requirements.

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