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Community College Student Ambassador Program

Peer-to-peer outreach training for student leaders.

The California Community Colleges Student Ambassador Program trains students to serve as on-campus advocates who educate their peers about basic needs programs and resources available to improve food and housing security, mental health, financial wellness, and more. Peer-to-peer outreach by ambassadors builds awareness, decreases stigma, and increases access to the public benefits and support students need to stay in school and succeed. The program also serves as an important professional development and leadership opportunity where student ambassadors receive a stipend for participation and ongoing coaching and support.

Program Services

Recommendations we trust, from people we know.

In collaboration with participating colleges, FoundationCCC trains student ambassadors around basic needs resources, such as CalFresh and the Crisis Text Line. Ambassadors are provided with outreach materials, strategies, and continuous support to promote resources that help students meet basic needs.

Outreach includes: 

  • Webinars 
  • Class presentations
  • Partnering with student clubs and organizations
  • One-on-one engagement
  • Collaborating with faculty, staff, and administration
  • Utilizing social media and other digital tools to connect with the student community

Support the Program

By supporting the CCC Student Ambassador Program, you help empower student leaders to advocate for their peers, ensuring access to essential resources like food and housing security, mental health support, and financial wellness.

Connect With Us

We invite interested students and educators to connect with us, learn more about this impactful program, and explore potential partnerships.

Program Benefits

  • Leadership and professional development opportunities

  • Workforce skillbuilding and training

  • Connects students to basic needs resources

  • Trusted source of peer-to-peer outreach

Program Impact

  • 1M+ connections

    to resources addressing food insecurity, mental health, financial stability, and other basic needs.

  • 450+ students

    trained to conduct peer-to-peer outreach at California Community Colleges.

  • 90 California Community Colleges

    partnered with since 2018.