The Foundation for California Community Colleges Partners with TimelyMD to Expand Healthcare Options for Students

Partnership will provide students access to student telehealth services, including physical health services and mental health support, during the ongoing pandemic and beyond

SACRAMENTO, CA—December 7, 2020The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FoundationCCC) CollegeBuys program has announced a new partnership with TimelyMD, the leading telehealth provider specializing in higher education, to make the virtual care available to all 116 California Community Colleges. Through the contract, colleges will be able to provide students access to on-demand and scheduled medical support from board-certified or board-eligible clinicians, as well as mental and emotional support from licensed counselors and behavioral health specialists.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, in which statewide orders require social distancing and minimal in-person interactions, many physical student health centers are closed or working under limited operations across the California Community Colleges. TimelyMD serves as a solution in the remote environment and through a commitment to provide sustained support when students are allowed back on campus through a new flexible agreement, which allows colleges to offer the following telehealth services to students at zero cost—as an extension of their existing health and counseling center or as a new, primary provider:

  • 24/7 access to licensed medical providers available to treat a wide range of medical conditions via virtual consultations
  • On-demand, licensed counselors and behavioral health specialists to advise on mental health concerns including anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and more
  • Scheduled counseling services available to fit a students’ schedule, and advanced mental health and no-cost psychiatry services to help address non-controlled substance abuse
  • Health coaching, strategies, and guidance from specialists that can advise on nutrition, sleep habits, weight management, healthy eating behaviors, and mindfulness

“Our mission at TimelyMD is to improve the well-being of college students by making virtual medical and mental health care accessible anytime, anywhere. We are honored to serve the California Community Colleges’ more than 2.1 million students and grateful for the support of the Foundation’s CollegeBuys program,” said Luke Hejl, CEO of TimelyMD.

In a survey completed by TimelyMD, an overwhelming majority of college students reported increased stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, with fears stemming from falling behind in coursework and difficulty navigating the remote learning environment. Parents of students in California were also surveyed, with 71% worried about their student’s mental health at increasingly higher rates than parents of those in other states. The TimelyMD partnership with CollegeBuys will help ease these concerns by ensuring physical and mental health care remains easy and accessible for students enrolled in the California Community Colleges.

Los Rios Community College District began partnering with TimelyMD this summer to better serve its 75,000 students. Calling the service “impactful and convenient,” Chancellor Brian King said, “Los Rios students are going through unprecedented times, especially with the stresses caused by the pandemic, and we know this 24/7 support will make a genuine difference in their lives.”

This joint venture is part of the Foundation’s work and mission to provide effective solutions and resources for the largest higher education system in the nation, the California Community Colleges. If you are a college interested in leveraging the TimelyMD agreement, please contact or reach out directly to Jay Scheinberg, National Director of Business Development & Strategic Alliances, at To learn more about the partnership and its benefits for California community college students, visit


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